Portrait Of Rene Porter

About René

René Porter was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Her parents were an early influence on her creative life. René’s father was an avid photographer and also enjoyed drawing. He would sketch cartoon characters and clowns for his children and give them as rewards for good behavior. Her mother was an accomplished seamstress and an early supporter of René’s dream of becoming an artist. She encouraged René to set her sights on formal art training.

René was accepted, and awarded a first term scholarship into the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, USA. After finishing college, René made her living as a graphic designer and illustrator while she pursued her passion for fine art painting and drawing. It was that passion that brought her to Los Angeles, California, and with that move came her renewed commitment to work on her fine art full time.

The core of René’s work is her romantic and sensual approach to her female subject matter. René’s intent is to portray the female figure in her most natural state in the most natural setting. Inspired by the subject and mood of the setting, she will alternate between painting with oils and using charcoal as her medium. Although she enjoys working in both mediums, René has always had an affinity for working in charcoal. “The richness of charcoal makes it an incredibly powerful medium to work with. The black in combination with the highlighted areas add an element of intense emotion to drawing. The wide range of value adds a 3-dimensional feel. This enables the viewer to experience the pure emotion of the piece as if they were there with the model.”

René currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Her work can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the United States.

Artist Statement

“I am inspired by light, nature, and the human form. With every new work of art I create, my intent is to capture the outer as well as inner beauty of my subjects and surrounding elements of that piece; to bring out the beautiful subtleties that might otherwise go unnoticed in a photograph.

The many variations in each of my subjects allow me to reveal something unique in each work of art. Each carries its own emotion.

When a painting or drawing turns out well, it has depth and emotion…it is living and breathing…it has its own soul. There is a part of me in everything I create.

When every person sees my work, I want to draw them in for that moment and have them experience the emotion I feel when I am there.

I feel a spiritual connection with the universe when I am creating. I feel more alive than any other time.”